Under Ohio law, the only way an you can terminate a marriage legally is by obtaining a divorce decree, dissolution or legal separation through a court of law. I'm here to help you through that in the most expeditious and advantageous way possible.

Available service options include:

Contested Divorce
Uncontested Divorce
Legal Separation
Pre-Nuptial Agreement


The decision to adopt a child or to seek adoptive parents for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. I can assist you in a private or public agency adoption proceeding. My number one goal is to ensure that the child is placed in a loving and nurturing home, while meeting your needs at the same time. Whether you are the birth mother or potential adoptive parents, I can assure you that your rights are protected. 

Guardian Ad Litem

A “guardian ad litem” (GAL) is a person the court appoints to investigate options and recommend to the court what would be in the “best interests of a child.” Some of the most common situations where I can serve in this capacity inlcude:

Where the child should live most of the time
Whether the child is being harmed by a parent’s substance abuse
What contact the child should have with a parent

Custody/Child Support

Parties who have custody disputes can turn to me to represent them and help them reach an agreement that is acceptable to all parties and exercises the best options for the child.  Child custody is established based upon what the Court determines to be in a minor child's best interests.  There is no limit to the factors a Court can consider when making a custody ruling, so it is important to hire an attorney who knows what factors matter most to the Court based upon years of experience.  

The State of Ohio has created a formula that accounts for the parties' incomes, child care costs, daycare costs, health insurance costs and local taxes paid. Being an experienced family law attorney, I can make sure you are paying or receiving the right amount after examining all the relevant factors.

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